What are the services provided by www.bestlawyers.lk?

We are an online platform that is committed to address your legal necessities. We provide you with an extensive platform consisting of qualified and experienced Lawyers and Legal Firms that will assist you in resolving all your legal matters as to ensure your best interests in Law. Legal Professionals can create a User Account through our website to present themselves for the people who are in need of having legal assistance.

Why www.bestlawyers.lk is beneficial for the general public?

Any person among the general public who is in need of having legal assistance can have the service of www.bestlawyers.lk to have legal assistance. Even if you need legal assistance in an urgent situation, www.bestlawyers.lk is there to assist you in finding an “available” Lawyer at any time of the day. We have created this website to upgrade the mode of forming a Lawyer-Client relationship in line with the technological advances existing in the Country to enable easy access to legal services.

How to find an “available” Lawyer through www.bestlawyers.lk?

The Legal Professionals who has Registered User Profiles can manage their ‘availability’ or ‘unavailability’ according to their preference. Thus, the people who are in seek of legal assistance can find out whether a particular Lawyer is available or not before contacting the respective Legal Professional.

Can I rely on the services provided by www.bestlawyers.lk?

Yes, you can totally rely on the services provided by www.bestlawyers.lk. We have made all the possible precautionary steps to provide an accurate service to all our users. But it is always advisable for the user to exercise due diligence.

Is it a free service that is provided through www.bestlawyers.lk?

Yes, we provide a free service to our Users who visit www.bestlawyers.lk to find a Legal Professional to have legal assistance. Anyone can find a Lawyer by visiting our website without paying any fee. The Legal Professionals who are expecting to create a User Profile with www.bestlawyers.lk are also provided a free trial period for three months.

How to choose the best lawyer through www.bestlawyers.lk?

You can choose reputed and experienced Lawyers for a respective legal area which he/she is practicing or you can choose a Lawyer by specifying the location and the specific legal area, as to suit your needs.

How to contact a Lawyer through www.bestlawyers.lk?

You can contact a Lawyer through www.bestlawyers.lk by searching a Lawyer from his/her name or by searching Lawyers for a specified area which you want to get legal assistance.

How www.bestlawyers.lk is important for the Legal Professionals in Sri Lanka?

Legal Professionals can register with us by creating a User Profile, to be made available for our users and to be contacted for their legal necessities. Thus, Legal Professionals can meet clients through www.bestlawyers.lk.

How to create a User Profile through www.bestlawyers.lk?

Any Lawyer or a Law Firm can create a User Profile through www.bestlawyers.lk by contacting our admin team and signing a User Agreement with www.bestlawyers.lk.

What are the User Profile packages available for Legal Professionals through www.bestlawyers.lk

First we provide you a Free Trial package, and then you can choose between the six month package and the twelve month package at the beginning of every renewal of your User Agreement.

What is the free trial period offered for a legal professional through www.bestlawyers.lk?

The free trial period that is offered for each Legal Professional who is offering to become a Registered User with www.bestlawyers.lk is Three Months. The User can assess our service within that free trial period.

Does www.bestlawyers.lk provide legal service?

No. www.bestlawyers.lk does not stand to provide legal service. We are only providing a platform where Legal Professionals and the people who are in seek of legal assistance can meet each other. Those who are in need of obtaining legal service can contact a Lawyer through www.bestlawyers.lk to have required legal service.